BUSTED: Black hair myths

1. Black hair DOES NOT grow slow.

*drops mic* Most people don’t know this but African does not grow faster or slower than other ethnicities. When I say this I dont mean all African hair, because as we know there are variations in our hair type ( like a lot) due to genetics. GENETICS, unfortunately, does play a role in hair texture and growth rate (sorry), and NO you don’t have to be mixed to have good hair ( like for real). Most likely if your parents or  grandparents have good hair you’ll have too,  BUT don’t  rule out having good hair too quickly because there are some cases I’ve seen where the whole family has hair issues and the child turns out to have godly hair (yes, Black girl magic does indeed exist friends). According to an article I read a while back it clearly stated that our hair GROWS AS FAST as other races when not taking into consideration other environmental factors, but unfortunately our ethereal hair CAN’T RETAIN ITS LENGTH meaning we experience A LOT of breakage ( yes it really does suck) . [To know about enviromental factors stay tuned to this blog friends]

2. Braids DO NOT make your hair grow faster.

This must come as a shock to you considering your mother probably always did braided pony tails with your hair as a kid. Sorry for turning your ‘fact’ into fiction but it needed to be said. Remember what I said about our hair failing to retain length? Well braids do just that they RETAIN LENGTH. Note that I say RETAIN not GROW. That’s the beauty of braids my friends because they not only look gorgeous but they also make your hair grow faster  retain your hair’s length (amazing right?) which I’m sure you figured out by now is the reason why your hair seems longer after braids. PLEASE NOTE YOU STILL NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR WITH BRAIDS ON. [ for other tips on hair retention stay tuned to my blog]

3. Trimming your hair DOES NOT make it grow faster.

I’m sure you’ve made the revelation that ‘cutting your hair makes it grow faster’, sorry bro but you are wrong. Trimming your hair doesn’t make it grow faster but it PREVENTS BREAKAGE cause by split ends. If split ends aren’t cut they will work their way to your hair shaft then BOOM your hair breaks off ( tragic). Thus trimming just prevents damage by split ends.

4. Braids and weaves CAN cause hair loss.

This is a tricky topic. YES, braids and weaves can retain length and YES braids and weaves can cause hair loss. This all depends how you nurture your baby ( your hair) , many seem to believe that once you’re braided you don’t need to do much. WRONG AF! your hair needs moisture ( like since when do extensions or  weaves provide moisture?) . Wearing braids all the time (tight braids) results in constant pulling of your hair shaft and scalp skin, wearing weaves with glue improperly put on / using cheap glue for your weaves as well as having it sewn on  improperly leads to hair loss. Ultimately its a lack of knowledge towards hair care regimes that cause braids and weaves to mutilate your hair. You need to know the limits of your hair ( please don’t forget your edges too) and know what your hair wants and needs before styling. [ For tips on how to nurture braided hair stay tuned to my blog]

-The end-

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{ this is my hair , photo taken the last time I relaxed it in July}

Hair care: The weave edition

Hey guys!

Before joining the world of weaves I hardly did any braids to my hair, if I did it never treated my hair well. See before doing weaves my hair never retained length, it was dry and brittle (sad story bro), but surprisingly in 2014 after taking out my first weave I noticed that my hair had retained its length ( the power of protective styling). After a while, my hair went back to its usual state because I did not take care of it under the weave (2014-2015) .After 1 year of taking care of my  hair underneath my weave ( which was in 2016) I concluded that weaves helped me retain my hair length because my hair was finally growing past my shoulders. Weaves treated my hair and scalp ( especially my hairline) so well which made me happy because I was generally put off of any form of braids after I saw that they would break my hair and shift my hairline. Not everyone has the same hair experience as me when it comes to braids, an example being that some people lose their hairline because of braids instead of weaves and some lose it because of weave instead of braids.

I normally wear human hair full sew-in weave with a side or middle parting ( I don’t use closure), sadly I don’t know if the tips I provide apply for synthetic weaves ( first time I did weave was with a synthetic sew in and it made me have an acne breakout, still have the scars to show for it, as it was in contact with my face).

Okay now to the important part!


  • Don’t braid your hair too often

This may be hard for some but the key to growing your hair and not losing your hairline is to take breathers between protective styles.Taking breaks between protective styles gives your scalp a break from all the tension that your scalp suffered from your previous hairstyle, I’d suggest a minimum of 3 weeks as it works for me. Braiding without breaks will leave you with a very fragile scalp thus cause hair loss from the roots and ultimately a receding hairline( no one wants that for themselves). Please note that your hairline and scalp shouldn’t have to suffer for a temporary hairstyle.

  • Wash your head at least once every 2 weeks

It is a known fact that hair grows best on a clean scalp free of dirt (the result of oils and moisturizer accumulating on scalp) and bacteria. Usually, without a weave ,your hair should be washed at least every week and a half and with a weave on whether or not you moisturize your hair still needs to be washed because it will get dirty ( and stink too). Best co-wash your hair ( conditioner only) and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HAIR WET because it’ll cause your hair to be dry and brittle under the weave. If you don’t wash your hair the oils from your natural hair will get into your weave which will make your weave look ashy ( no one wants that).

  • Daily moisture

Moisturise your hair daily to promote growth and minimise breakage. Even with a weave your hair needs its moisture ( your weave won’t magically moisturise your hair), what I do is spray my hair with a ‘special hair mix’ I make for myself which contains essential hair oils and nutrients.

My ingredients are as follow : Water, Coconut oil ( I use the cooking coconut oil that I purchased at Dischem for a good price) , Olive oil ( you can purchase anywhere) and Jamaican Black castor oil (also can get at Dischem). Note these are not strict ingredients, you can use any oils that are useful to hair such as Mehndi oil and avocado oil. All these ingredients I put in a spray bottle (I purchased from Dischem for R12 ) in the same proportion (the water must be in a larger quantity) and shake together.

Kindly note that if you are experiencing hair loss or a receding hairline the way to resolve that problem IS NOT to do protective styling but rather leaving your natural hair out and giving it extra care. { will be in next blog post}

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